My Cat Rocks

“My Cat Rocks” is inspired by ‘Hope & Lucy’ our domestic Cats.  They are a brother & sister combination, with Hope the British Blue via a registered breeder and Lucy the Black Cat we adopted from a humane society after she spent her first 18 months living on the streets.  We think our Cats Rock and are determined to build out an online presence with Blogs, Reviews and Social Media with the support of affiliate marketing relationships.

This is a part time hobby at present, which we aim to build into a full time Cat only brand and enjoy more days with our Cat’s and broader family.  If you have come this far, please leave a comment or stay connected with our activities via our Instagram .  Help ‘Hope & Lucy’ become self made Cats in this digitally connected world.

The products highlighted are available via Amazon USA and those we have reviewed can be found on our Blog page.

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