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Best Cat Wand in action (45 second clip) 

Best Cat Wand : flys like a Bird

All Cats love to chase things in nature and at home.  Natural Feather Wands, make it easy to sit with your Cats and play, without risking claws in your hands.  The feather construction makes so appealing to Cats.  There are other designs, including fluffy ones, however, we found the ones which fly like birds are best.

‘Hope & Lucy’ have already destroyed one of the feather teaser attachments.  We bought a multi-pack with several wands and attachments, so recommend that when you shop.  Don’t get caught out buying the cheapest option, it will be a single wand & toy and leave you no options for play or breakages.  There are many good sellers on Amazon, we have highlighted a few that are selling multiples and refill feather attachments.

Great Value Feather Cat Wand

This cat teaser toy sits next to the couch and is ready, when we’re watching Netflix and ‘Hope & Lucy’ come over wanting to play.  The extension is great, as we can make the Cats jump and chase so easily.  This teaser toy, brings out their wild side and if you want your Cats to have fun, then buy one today.  We bought the 14″ version, that extends to 38″ and with the fishing line length of 30″ we have the ability to make a circle activity for our Cat’s that is over 12 foot in diameter, this is where the real exercise benefits kick in as your cat is running constantly until they catch the feather toy.

Cat Wand Feather Hope WatchingCat Wand Extendable


When you are playing with your Cat, don’t forget the Wand is light weight tackle and will break if you pull back too strongly once your Cat has captured the feather toy. In nature Cats chase birds for hours and rarely catch them, so the fun is in the chasing and stalking, use the same approach at home and let your Cat the toy less often and it will last a long time, for future play.

We bought a multi-pack for less than $15 USD with free delivery with Prime, so while there are cheaper options we encourage you to visit Amazon and buy a good quality toy for your Cat.

Wand Benefits

Exercise for your Cat and will also get you off the couch.

Cats feel a sense of achievement after playing and catching the teaser toy, so are less likely to scratch the family furniture.

It is a safe item and fun for Cat’s to play, provided a human is supervising.

Consider before buying

Amazon Reviews

After reading through over 100 reviews before purchasing our Cat Feather Toy, the following were the most common statements :-

  1. Our Cat loves chasing this feather toy, as it looks like a Bird and is so natural looking
  2. The telescoping pole makes it better than the shorter hand held wands Best Cat Wand Extendable Pole
  3. Majority of people found the Feather Bird was damaged pretty fast with their Cat’s claws
  4. Most people felt the Toy needed to put stored after play to reduce risk to their Cat
  5. Damage to the extendable pole and fishing string attachment was most common in the negative reviews

‘Hope & Lucy’ view

We found the following with their Feather Cat Wand :-

  1. They love it so much, just look at the photos and youtube clip below
  2. We have one of the shorter feather wands with a bell and it doesn’t allow the same distance play, as extended the pole is 38″ and the fishing line is a further 30″, so allows for quite a large play circle to give your Cats exercise
  3. Yes the feathers get damaged pretty fast, our number one tip is to stop pulling once the Cat has captured the toy and convince your pet to start again
  4. We do agree caution is required with this toy, as the metal pole, connections and fishing wire could be a hazard if your Cat is left to chew unsupervised
  5. The average Cat is between 7-10 pounds and when we weighted tested our wand with 5lb it took the product to breaking point, so for longevity we recommend a simple fishing technique : once the Cat has caught the Feather Bird, they have won the game and remove all pressure on the extension pole. Cat Wand Hope 5lb Weight Test

Caution : Don’t leave the toy on the floor unsupervised, as Cat’s may chew the plastic and metal components which is not good for their teeth/health

Repairs : Fishing line is the best replacement for when your Cat pulls too hard, the feather toy breaks off the end.

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