Does your Cat need a Great Scratcher ?

Such a simple idea, using corrugated cardboard to build a Cat Scratcher as we all know how much Cats love playing in cardboard boxes.  Cats need to scratch to have healthy claws, so if there is not a suitable surface to scratch, they will attach furniture.  ‘Hope & Lucy’ had their new toy for a week before really falling in love with it.  There are many versions to choose from on Amazon, however, this one grabbed our attention as it incorporated a Ball with a Bell.  Our Cats have a similar Ball Toy they chase around the house, so now they are determined to get this one out of the Cat Scratcher.  I have no doubt in the coming months it will also be on the floor and they will have enjoyed ripping into the channel.

Good Price

It is a daily routine now for our two cats, so every time they pass the Scratcher the Bell gets a tap and the cardboard gets ripped into.  I can see why some of the disc scratchers have replacement cardboard, as this toy will probably only last 12 months.  With the Amazon free deliver, it means a daily cost of less than a ‘dime’ so a good investment to reduce their desire to scratch the furniture.

Get your Cat used to it first

‘Hope & Lucy’ are a bit spoilt, so the first couple of days the new cat scratcher got the indifference treatment and they just walked past the toy.  We introduced the scratcher into their daily play sessions in the garden, so they quickly became familiar and realised this was their new Cat Toy.   Feeling comfortable to approach the toy and check it out, meant by day 7 it was in full use in the home.  There was some Catnip in the box, so that would have been plan B to get them both scratching this new purchase.


Healthy Claws.

Less reasons for your Cat to scratch the family couch.

It is a safe item for your Cats to scratch and chew.

Cleaning up is easy, sweep or vacuum the bits of shredded cardboard.

Provides exercise to stop your Cat becoming lazy.

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