Cat Hair Remover

Cat Hair Remover Sticky Roller in Action (45 second clip) 

Cat Hair Remover

This is an essential product for all Cat owners.  I love my Cats, however, wearing their hair around the house and out in public is not my idea of a fashion statement.  We brush ‘Hope & Lucy’ daily to keep their coat healthy and capture a lot of the moulting hair, but the Cat Hair gets on the furniture, especially the beds and then onto our suits and uniforms.

Having a Cat Hair Remover sticky roller in each of the bedrooms of our home, has reduced the amount of hair lying around.  It takes less than 60 seconds to run the sticky roller across the bed sheets or cushions, where the Cats have been lying and then put the hair into the trash.  If you haven’t watched the youtube clip, then take a moment now and you will be convinced these are a must have product.

As always we have found a number of quality Amazon sellers for you to pick and purchase a Cat Hair Removal sticky roller.

Buy extra Rolls & larger Sheets

We bought the 60 sheet Cat Hair Removal sticky roller in a pack of 6, so that each bedroom and living room has one available.  Then we order new rollers in bulk, to be ready for replacement as we pull off the sheets after each sticky roller session.

There are larger and smaller products available, however, the ones we have highlighted get great reviews and will keep your house Cat Hair free.

As you use the sticky rollers, buy the rolls in bulk and keep the handle, as this is better for the environment.

Sticky Roller Benefits

It is the easiest product to use for Cat Hair removal, there are other products which require washing between runs.  If there is a cushion with a lot of Cat Hair, you just keep pulling off the sticky tape layers until all the fur is removed and then into the bin.

You know for sure the Hair has been captured as it is on the sticky paper.

No one in your home will become a Cat Hair fashion statement.

Cleaner home, especially your bedroom and clothes.

Good to know

Caution : Your Cat may chew or lick the sticky roller, however, ours did not show any interest in the product.

Environment : Brushing your Cat will reduce the need for this product.  Use replacement sticky rollers where possible.

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