abandoned kittens

What to do if you find abandoned Kittens

Step 1: Wait and Observe   Keep an eye around the place discreetly for at least 2 hours in case mom comes back for her kittens. Make sure that other animals, like dogs or eagles are hanging around the place as this would be immediate danger for the kittens. If there is no risk it is important to allow time, as even the most experienced cat rescuers, can take better care of kittens when their […]

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Why My Cat Rocks

We irrationally love cats and think those who don’t, just haven’t given a Cat a chance.  Why all the emotions about cats?  Well they expose the truth about human emotional systems by introducing catlike emotional behavior! The cat, any cat, introduced into the human emotional system, will cause the human emotional system to rearrange. Not because the cat does anything but because of how the cat is emotionally. Here are some of the reasons I […]

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How to Convince parents to buy a Kitten

Begging for a new Kitten may work with some parents, but how do you convince your parents you can care for the pet. Show your mum & dad how responsible you can be with daily tasks, while lifting their interest in a fluffy new addition to the home. Your kitten will fast grow into a cat, who will be part of your life for the next 15 years – it is quite a commitment. It […]

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Cats Reduce Stress & Depression…

Four (4) reasons why “My Cat Rocks” Mental Health issues are increasing globally, with most extended families having someone that has (or is) experiencing depression, stress or an eating disorder in the at past 12 months.  There are many professionals available to assist with these conditions and are definitely the right first step for any treatment plan. Cat ownership is a proven preventative measure and can help improve the mental health and wellbeing of families. […]

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